Soundwise shop


We are guitar nerds, there's no denying and we're not trying to!

After years of buying, selling and collecting gear, we decided to open a compact store with just one mission:
offering our customers and students  killer gear at killer prices!

We talk to luthiers, pedal and amp builders on a daily basis. 

Not for commercial reasons but because we love guitars and all the gear that comes with it.  We are at it 24/7!

We only work with people and companies that we know, trust and admire.  We offer brands you will not find in regular shops, we are not competing with other shops that we love, visit and buy gear from and we are not competing with the big online stores. 

We only have a few fantastic brands that we work with.

This is not a commerial enterprise, when we get a deal from a luthier or a brand, you get a deal! 

We have limited stock from each brand/luthier to show you the options and quality. 

Some builders are not nearby (Bosnia, Serbia, Poland...) and are 'out of reach' to some people,
so we have established connections to deliver items smoothly.





The brands


We are proud and honoured to represent following brands:



Siggi Braun - Fine Young Guitars

Q.Rich Guitars

MK Guitars

Mensinger Guitars



MP Custom FX


How does it work?


This is the easy part. 

Visit our 'Guitars' and 'Pedals' page and you will find photo's and info on the gear we have in stock. 

We are happy to welcome you at Soundwise to try the guitars and pedals and decide if it's for you. Our coffee is top-notch!


Every luthier/builder has his own way of working, some have standard models in their catalogue, others build 'on demand' and can build whatever the customer desires. 

Therefor we order items for our shop based on what we think is cool and we think best represents the brand.

When a builder offers us a deal or does a special RUN, we jump on it so we can give you a great deal too!

Every now and then we organise a 'collective design' build to order a number of items in one go so we can get an even better deal.

We respect the people that we work with, we are friends with all of them, so we will take care of correct negotiations and pricing.