Soundwise offers support for:


  • guitar teaching

  • band coaching

  • studio recording

  • producing & recording jingles, tunes, commercials,...

  • demo producing and recording

  • songwriting

  • caffeine intake

Band coaching

Studio recording

We have been coaching bands since 2009.


As an event consultant I have a broad experience with the corporate world and have worked as musical director and coach for:


  • SD Worx

  • Randstad

  • Partena

  • Huntsman

  • Johnson and Johnson

  • Body & Vision

  • Manigence

  • ...

Coaching people is a delicate matter.  As musicians we are exposed and vulnarable, especially if there is not that much experience to fall back onto.

Recognising the strengths of every band member and helping people build on those is the main task. 

For these corporate shows, the experience for the musicians is, at times, a 'once in a lifetime' and can therefor generate quite a bit of pressure. 


Some of these bands have grown into a full on item and I have coached them for years and years...they keep getting better!



I have been recording since 1986


As a musician recording is part of the job!

Since the first 4-track Tascam I have been recording using Atari1040, C-Lab, Fostex 8-track, Notator, Cubase, Protools and Logic.


Soundwise has recorded albums and demos for:

Ladbroke Us, The Hunger, Truce, Sir Francis Drake, Suburban Prejudice, Uncle Meat, Toner, Pussy Willow, The Camino Dispute, Peter Evrard, Manigence, Emeth, ...


Besides recording bands we also produce soundscapes, jingles, commercials, corporate soundclips,...

We do audio editing, radio broadcasting, sound management and everything else that involves...noise!

Some of our corporate clients: SDWorx, Randstad Group, Atlas Copco, Huntsman, Escape Events, Body& Vision,...

Our studio is a compact, project studio, based on creativity.  We mostly record, edit and mix 'in the box' using the latest technology.