Pat is a rock-fusion guitarist based in Antwerp, BE


Pat is the driving force behind Soundwise and currently plays in quite a few bands: Projekt80 (rock-wave),

Decades (Joy Division refurbished), The Camino Dispute (accoustic),

Emeth (death metal), Black Magic Woman band (latin-fusion), Saturday Jazz Cats (jazz),...

Besides that, Pat is active as a session player, band coach and guitar teacher.




Pat started playing guitar as a young teenager.  Recording his own music on 4 track machines and early Atari computers.  In the nineties he became known as the 'Midi Doctor' because his knowledge of Cubase was so profound. 

Fast forward 25 years and Pat is playing, teaching, coaching and producing.



Besides being passionate about playing guitar, Pat is also intrigued by the instrument itself, supporting many luthiers in getting their name out.  He regularly co-designs guitars with builders from all over Europe and can be found on the artists page of many top quality craftsmen.
Since 2020 Soundwise also offers guitars, pedals and amps from selected luthiers and builders.  Check out our Shop page!



Helping people to express themselves musically is another passion. Soundwise teaches guitarists and coaches bands.

Private lessons as well as corporate coachings. 

Visit the 'Lessons' and 'Services' pages to find out more!