4 guys who share a preference for the best underground songs from the dark 80's. Think: Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division, Skinny Puppy, Fad Gadget, New Order, The Cure ... names without whom the eighties would never have sounded so good and dark. Pumping bass lines, ice-cold guitars, tight drum parts and the singer's black-voiced call are taking the audience on a nostalgic trip.

Dark, .. Darker, ... Projekt80!



Joy Division...refurbished.

This is what this band is all about.  Taking the classic songs of this band and lifting them into the 21st century.   Pitchblack and heavy!

Not your average tribute band....

The Camino Dispute


The Camino Dispute is an accoustic band. 

They play their favourite songs ranging from the '70s to the present. Hard-rock, grunge, new metal, classics, new wave,'s all there!



Soundwise is also a hub for a few bands. 

Through this website you can get in touch with the bands, ask for availability, prices and everything else you need to know about the bands, the members, clinics, tourdates,...

You can even book the bands via Soundwise, there will be no commision! 

The goal for this service is to help people to get in touch with the bands and help the bands to get in touch with their audiences.



We are extremely proud that from december 2020 we are able to offer our customers and students access to some of the world's best guitars and pedals!


We are representing following luthiers/builder in Belgium:

Siggi Braun Fine Young Guitars

Q.Rich Guitars

MK Guitars

Mensinger Guitars

MP Custom FX



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Newsflash december 2020!


News Oktober 2022


Our Youtube channel is growing steadily. 

We only post video's about items that we think are interesting,

we don't aim for numbers, we aim for real info.

We discuss products that we use ourselves.

Besides that we also produce videos about music theory and studying guitar.  All these things are close to our heart.

We will respond to every comment on the videos.  It's an appraoch that requires us to invest time but that way we are in direct contact with everyone who wants to contact us that way.

You can find us here:
                               Click on the icon to the right here =>

News March 2023

We are moving the guitar academy to Tessenderlo, Belgium.
Nicely located in the middle of the triangle between Antwerp, Brussels and Hasselt.

From April 23 to June 23 you can follow courses both in Putte (near Mechelen) and Tessenderlo, as from July 23 we will be working exclusively from Tessenderlo.

The reason behind the move: we wanted to have a recording studio (Youtube and audio)
in the same building as the guitar study and my 'home'.  That was not possible in Putte. 
Although the building was spacious enough, the logistics of integrating these
three functions were too complex.

We will push our activities even further, offering:

-Guitar Retreat courses in the South of Belgium

-stronger co-labs with teachers in different fields

-more Youtube content

-podcasts with musicians from all over the globe

We hope to see you soon in Tessenderlo, home of rock'n'roll!