Teaching is a calling...

At Soundwise we have only one mission: helping people maximizing their talent and prepping them to play in a band context.

There is a time and place for virtuosity, but most of the time a musician needs to find his 'place and space'.

90% of the time a musician's job is to keep time, play 'in the pocket', listen to the other band members and play what is required.


We teach many styles of music.

Our mantra is 'I can only give you what I have and can only help you find your way from where you are now, use what you know already to build upon'.

Mastering the guitar takes a very long time...  students who are ready for this journey are in for a hell of a ride!  It will take time and lots of energy... the road is not always clear, but the hard work will pay off!


In our lessons we look at following topics:


  • technique

  • fretboard knowledge

  • harmony

  • 'reading': chords and scores (if requested)

  • comping

  • soloing

  • playing in a band

  • gear

  • being present on social media


If you are up for a no-nonsense approach to learning guitar, please contact us!