For amps he uses:

  • Koch Twintone MKII

  • Fender Princeton

  • Laney Lionheart 212

  • Egnator Rebel 30

  • Line6 DT50 & DT25

In 2020 Pat started using a Line6 Helix for some of the live gigs with Projekt80 en Decades.  Being a bit hesitant to embrace this technology at first.  But after a few gigs he became very excited and is now an enthusiastic Helix programmer!  He uses an EV ZLX 12P as FRFR cab.


As for pedals, Pat uses Cornerstone, Wampler, MP Custom FX, Gurus, Boss, JHS, Strymon, ...

Pedals are in a 'Custom Pedalboards' case and controled by a Boss ES-8.


Since the quest for tone never ends guitars, amps and pedals will be replaced over time...



Pat is fanatic about guitars, amps and pedals and has assembled a wonderful collection over the years.

He prefers to work with 'small' luthiers who personally craft their instruments to his specific desires.

He collaborates with: Q.Rich Guitars, Mensinger, Overload Guitars, MK Guitars,

Siggi Braun Guitars, Alpher Guitars, Ibanez, Fibenare, ...

Teaching guitar these days requires solid software to support that.  At Soundwise we use Neck Diagrams to help us draw guitar charts. 

You can find info and details on their website: