Cornerstone Gladio MKII:

Double Preamp


GLADIO is an Overdrive with a realistic tube-compression behavior to mimiq the Dumble famous preamps saturation, still always retaining a rich touch-sensitive response.

Why two channels?
It’s all about versatility. GLADIO has two independent channels with totally different voices, which combined together offer an even wider range of sounds.

The 1st channel is able to deliver a smooth and creamy sounds (inspired by songs like Robben Ford’s Cannonball Shuffle). It’s really transparent and with a round touch-sensitive response that helps enhancing the playing. Controls (Gain, Tone and Volume) are self-explaining and there’s a toggle switch called COMP to choose between two different compression levels.

The 2nd channel is designed to offer a special hard clipping sound pretty much inspired by Sonny Landreth’s tone. Controls are all self-explaining and there’s a toggle switch called JAZZ/ROCK, which should not need presentations.

The Gladio is eequipped with a special toggle switch to choose between two different switching modes.
"S" which stands for "SINGLE" and "D" which stands for "DOUBLE".

In Single mode you can use only one channel at a time, which means that pressing the footswitch of one of the two channels makes the other turn off (avoiding tip tap dancing).
In Double mode you can stack the two channels to reach a huge fat Dumbl-esque sound.


standard 9V connection

Price: € 349,00



Cornerstone Music Gear is a family owned company focused on designing and handmade manufacturing of guitar and bass effects pedals.
Located in Italy, Cornerstone was founded on 2014 as the result of a passion for music and an  obsessive research for good sound.
 Products are built by musicians for musicians, and everything Cornerstone does does, it does with passion.


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The Gladio at work: