Being born in the '60's offered Pat the possibility to be part of the golden age of rock!

At the age of 8 he was jamming on a battered accoustic guitar and ... he never stopped. 

He bought his first electric when he was 13 and had to hide it under his bed, away from his parents who thought he was wasting his time. 

Soon he was playing in school bands and at one gig he trashed his first accoustic...after seeing Pete Townsend on tv...

After he finished his studies in IT and marketing (trying to keep his parents happy) he entered the Antwerp Scene and was playing with everyone who needed a guitarist, performing at all the venues, big and small, in and around town. He quickly built a reputation of the man who said 'yes'.

After a couple of years of jamming it was time to take things a bit more serious and Pat joined the famous Antwerp Jazz studio.  He got his degree in '90 and went straight to the Conservatorium to try his fingers at classical guitar.  After three years he knew he could not cope with the lifestyle of a classical guitar player and decided to dive into the world of session work . 

A decade as sideman, hired gun, studio musician and touring guitarist led to teaching at the Antwerp Rock School: the TIL.  Here he met some people he would team up with for a long, long time.  With Bert Wuyts he formed Suburban Prejudice, a triphop collective.  Pat wrote and recorded 3 albums with that band and toured Europe, the real deal!
At the TIL he also met Ivan Seuckens, with whom he still plays in a couple of bands . They started as Uncle Meat, a trash metal band, and recorded a couple of albums (the last one with producer Colin Richardson), toured Europe a few times (one tour with Paradise Lost) and played all the major festivals.  The late nineties were offering them the rock'n'roll lifestyle, which they embraced since they realised the music scene was about to change...enter internet!

In '98 Pat entered the events business and he soon became owner of one of Belgiums leading event organisations: Escape Events.

All this time he was keeping his chops sharp and in 2014 he joined deathmetal band Emeth as bass player. Emeth went on to recording their album Aethyr at Pat's studio (Cube Recordings). They toured Belgium, Germany and Holland extensively.

In 2015 he had a life changing experience when he joined the Guitar Retreat in Spain and met Tom Quayle.   Tom's approach and style of playing generated a wake up call and Pat frantically started studying...all over.


This studying became an obsession and in 2020 Pat decided to devote most of his time to music. Teaching and studying is the new black!


Pat is a regular at The Guitar Retreat Spain, with Tom Quayle, at the Guitar Breaks event in Italy, having the privilege to study and play with Dan and Mick (That Pedal Show), Pete Honoré, Ariel Posen, Mike Goodman, Jeff Buck, Josh Smith and Matt Schofield.

He also attends the Fara Music Festival course in Italy, studying with Jonathan Kreisberg, Mike Moreno and many others.